EVER dated a brand?


We bring consumers closer to brands

For Brands

Get ready for a disruptive brand management. We create interactive experience of your products using state of the art technology and integrate your brand into your customer’s daily life.

For Consumers

Brand Dating is the new key buzz. Date Brands plans for a transition from the traditional banner ads or television ads to interactive advertising. Date Brands provides curated list of brands based on your interest, geography and taste. Come experience, interact and learn about brands and products.

About Us

Who we are
We are a group of tech savvy geeks working to transform brand advertising.

Brands connect to consumers via social and traditional media. To understand a brand more consumers need interaction with a product or brand. Date Brands works with brands to bring consumers an inch closer to brands by using Artificial Intelligence and technology. Get ready to envision the disruptive technology.

  • Open technology stack
  • sales and marketing
  • brand management
  • artifical intelligence


Surprise!!! We are working on our alpha and will keep you posted.

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